Week 15: Lecture: Systems

In the final article for this class, Julie Mehretu comments that her art works, style, and presence as an artist is evolving. She views it a language of sorts, after she came back from her most recent trip to Bangkok. Not only that but she views the cycles of clarity and confusion as a normal part of the creative process. I find that all interesting because that is indeed true. Art is never really static and it is constantly forming into new ideals and methods. I enjoyed the part about the confusion of a creative work, because that also speaks to what I am doing in terms of a major. Writing stories are never easy and confusion with clarity comes with the territory, much like it does for art making. I also like how she views it as cycles, meaning one is never completely done with one of them. It is more of a balanced mechanism of the creative process. It is great because often many would hate to be confused about their works, when it should be address that it is confusing and fix it rather than thinking that the confusion makes the project any less than what it actually is. Confusion and the ending clarity is what makes art making an adventure that is always keeping the artist on their toes.


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