Week 14: Lecture: Public Art

When it comes to social change, artist have impact. The artist Mary Jane Jacobs said that somewhere or somehow, every time, individuals and communities are impacted by social art pieces. I did enjoy that she said that artist should worry less about the theory of social issue, in the sense that they need to always be understanding and critical of the information that they receive, and in exchange they need to engage with fellow artist and curators that they look up to. Because regardless if they are more well known that you, everyone needs help. I like this because she emphasizes the point that community and understanding each other is more important than to be stuck reading theories of why communities are the way that they are. Because if one were to do the latter half, perhaps their art could be a misrepresentation of the community that they seek out to help. MJJ also gives us the advice that if one is not passionate about what they work with or about, then it will be hard to make art pieces that give certain communities justice. I agreed with her with how she says that the values that one has should be there when making art, regardless if it is a public piece or not, because that is more important than someone’s theory about art.


One thought on “Week 14: Lecture: Public Art

  1. keckler2

    You are probably right that being immersed in a community is much more useful for getting to know the intricacies than learning about a community through classical education.



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