Week Twelve: Lecture: Warrior Women

The reading for this week was quite fascinating and for me was a breath of fresh air. The french artist by the name of YZ made a project to pay homage to the yesterday’s warrior women of Africa that many may not know about. Not only that but she uses her art to inspire current day women to remember their roots and how they have all the power to shape their destiny. something so simple as art can carry that much importance to some and raise their self-esteem to amounts that they never thought could be possible. I think that is great and YZ knows how important reflecting on the past is and how equally important knowing the power and importance women have. Not only that but she finds locations for her pieces that give enough justice in terms of history and the heaviness of the art in terms of the story behind it. She doesn’t just randomly put her art somewhere. She gives time and thought to the location, making sure that each piece has the fairness and parallels to current day issues it deserves. I also think that her phrase,”We need figures to be proud of our roots, to keep fighting for our rights, and to write the story of tomorrow.” is very prevalent to her society and people around the world.


3 thoughts on “Week Twelve: Lecture: Warrior Women

  1. keckler2

    I think what you say about the location of each artwork is important. The medium for the painting and the location of the work make a large difference as to how people might interpret it.



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