Week Eleven: Power: Lecture

Artists, especially in the contemporary scene, had a power to change the commonplace to a extraordinary situation with their art. It is an expansion from the instrumental uses of art and gives other areas, such as semiotic and political manifestations more light. The article describes the powers of contemporary artist in terms of a chessboard. Yet the real power of this chessboard comes from the market, and not from the artists themselves. However the increase of new technology and project-based organizations have helped restructure artistic spaces, thus giving more power to the artists again. Not only that but the concept of these “cathedrals” for contemporary artists to showcase their work is interesting to say the least.

Then the article goes on to say that way contemporary artists to get their idea is to actually leave behind the traditional and bipolar ideals of the protectors and the protected. I find this all to be interesting. For artists in the modern era to mold out of the traditional ways of thinking about art protection and their works if they want them to be a lasting piece. And I liked to what lengths art and artists have to take to reclaim the power that other sources have taken from them.


One thought on “Week Eleven: Power: Lecture

  1. tpatel43

    I thought it was very interesting that the author used a chessboard to show how art and power are related. It intrigues me to see how technology can allow for so many advancements and even give the power and control back to the artists’.



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