Week Nine: Media and Technology

This week’s readings are saying that technology in the art world should be taken seriously. The article dealing with video games said that many people tried suing certain video games because they grabbed references from the real world and applied them to the virtual world. Some artists used video games as a means to give light on the differences on the traditional art mediums. What made videos games interesting in an artistic sense was people were able to make stories and worlds so engrossing for their audiences that they brought smaller communities together. What makes videos even more enriching is that, just like conventional art mediums, they create many different stories that are uniquely their own and captivate the players to continue playing and enjoy the work the artists did in order to make each scene look a certain way to get a point across.

Not only that but just like traditional art, video games can carry social commentary on them and address certain issues, like in the article with the game, “With Those We Love Alive.” I still feel as if certain people would not give video games the artistic justice they deserve by being real works of art because many think that the methods of creating a video game is not really a conventional art method.


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