Week Eight: Lecture: Body

Art Body 1

Art Body 2

In the article it says that body traits that are found to be beautiful are clean and unblemished skin, thick shiny hair, and symmetrical faces, because it indicates good health and genes. They also went on and said that men found women with high cheekbones, full lips and narrow jaws desirable. And on the opposite end, women are thought to find strong jaws, heavy brows, and thin lips in men very desirable.

Not all body standards are the same throughout. For example in African cultures a face that isn’t fully smooth is viewed as the beauty standard over there, which is different than ours. It just goes to show that even though we may think that our standard of beauty for both genders should be ideal for everyone, there are places in the world that follows their own set of beauty roles in art and society.I believe that contemporary artists would try to emulate the non-standard of beauty in their pieces to evoke more feelings for the viewers, as well to make statements about societal gender roles in America.The image that I like the most would be the first one, probably for the fact that the body looks less abstract and more concrete as oppose to the jagged body statements in the second art piece.


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