Week Seven: Lecture: Ecology

What both of the articles had in common were that the artists in them were attempting to find out the roots of whatever they were creating. Mark Dion found many different pieces and furniture curious in their own way. He was also trying to understand how society got to current day point through the exploration of past art, culture, and nature. He decided to them make most of his art pertaining aquatic life since he was interested in it since childhood. Throughout then he started collecting art pieces and creating some of his own, yet making sure each were of equal beauty, which is to say that even the smallest piece still carried as much significance as a larger set piece of work. What struck me the most was how much he said that nature was important to keep and how we care about the things that are ceasing to exist from nature, such as polar bear.

I did agree with him about how nature is important to experience and see as a person that makes art. It is also very important to travel and see the many forms of life that the world has to offer if one wants to understand where they came from and not be so secluded, as well as to see how important a thing is before it is no longer because of the changing world.


One thought on “Week Seven: Lecture: Ecology

  1. aguado2

    I also think that it is important to travel and explore the environment we live in. It is constantly changing and there are things that future generations will no longer be able to see with their own eyes. It is important for us to document through art whether it be photography, literature, drawings, etc.



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