Week Six: Play

Cailois’ taxonomy of games were 1. Games had rules to themselves. 2. some games consisted of random, spontaneous activities and movements. As well as he categorized Agon as the games of competition, Alea as the game of chance and variables, Mimicry as the games that had simulation and play behavior into them, such as knowing your role in the game session, and Hinx that were games that made you experience physical disorder such as roller coaster rides or bungee jumping. I feel as if his basis for games do really contribute to modern-day activities and games, since we still have gambling, sports, and role-playing games.

A  video game that I play every now and then would be League of Legends and in this game your role is to defeat the opposing team and capture their base. You have around five people in your team and you fight the other players on the enemy team, until the other base is taken. Each team is split into three groups and have to go in three lanes that cover the area and would slowly take down enemy turrets. I would put this game into the Agon category since this game can be very competitive at times.


2 thoughts on “Week Six: Play

  1. leonorborja

    I agree, his taxonomy of games does contribute to our society, gambling is definitely a huge part in some people’s lives nowadays. I have heard of League of Legends but I have never played it myself. It sounds similar to Warcraft, which is a role playing game that I used to play when I was kid (which I probably shouldn’t have at the age of like 8) but it was fun from what I remember!



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