Week Five: Lecture: Spirituality

Some examples of historical spirituality is with the expression of religion that the native Americans of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe had. I felt that they were portrayed well since art was implemented in the findings of their spirituality. I sensed that the involvement of art with their soul searching was needed since the native Americans of that tribe held such an importance to their faith and spirituality.

Art is an “active metaphor for the spiritual” by people linking their emotions and faith into art. Some might really enjoy an art piece while others do not really understand it. And others can go on saying that this art piece has more value than the other pieces of art. And that can be a metaphor for spirituality and the spiritual. Since people that are spiritual sense a greater bond with their faith or spirituality, they enjoy it more and have a resonance with the piece, just like in art. And the understanding that art is fluid and has diverse meaning alongside with more importance to certain people, that concept can be applied to spirituality. Being in touched with art or spirituality is a great thing, and in turn can be understood why art is an “active metaphor for the spiritual.”


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