Week Five: Assignment: Art Show Review

The show that I went to, labeled “Artists Including Me” from William Wegman was a collection of his works. The show was located at Krannert Art Museum and there were around eleven art pieces, some varying from photography, oil pastel or mix media that include postcards. It was interesting with what mediums William Wegman used to get his ideas across accurately. The exhibition was in a decent sized room that gave enough space for each project, so to not look as if they were lumped together on accident. The walls were a neutral color, or in this case cream-white, so it did not take away from any of the projects. In fact for some it heighten their presentation, this one being “Stop Action”, made in 1999, stood out a bit more because of the walls. That photography piece was in black with the focus on limbs of a moving dog. And each of the projects were given enough light to display their uniqueness and craftsmanship. I believe that all of these projects presented were from his regular works, and not something that was just made for this exhibit.

There was a work that peaked my interest in Wegman’s exhibit. That one being, “I Kandinsky”, which was made in 2011. It was vastly fascinating not only because of the size of the project, but rather the how much detail was put into the project. Its media was postcards with oil and chalk like pastels. The piece had so many different vivid colors, from vibrant blues to stark reds, every color danced around the large display. Not only that but what I thought was the project’s intended focus was pleasant. The point was a recreation of the world where major global cities from around the globe where present through postcards Then Wegman used his imagination to create a scene with the right shapes and colors around the postcards that told the story with great justice. Some of the lines stemming from the postcards were soft while others were jagged and pulled the eye from each location to the next, which is not to say it was disruptive to the viewer, but rather a guide to seeing the overall piece. The values in this piece were overall soft bordering towards bright. Very few parts had a strong darkness to it. And there were many shapes on this piece that made the viewers’ eye feel content. The texture of this piece look very rugged, but that was perhaps the chalk like media.

Although at the time of the second lecture blog post we were not told to pick a painting, I always had some MC Escher works in my head. Especially some that were in watercolor. So I focused on the Winged Lion. They are similar with how the lines brought attention to the viewers and made them see more than they expected. The colors also helped with how contrasting the images were, not like “I Kandinsky”, where some were helped by the softness and subtlety of the color palate. In Escher’s work the sharpness and contrast really makes the art pieces stand out.

What I thought the pieces from this art show were about was Wegman’s perception on the world around him, given with the photography that he did of even the miniscule object in the grand scheme of things, such as the dog in “Slow Motion”, to the encompassing image he had of the world and its cultures from the work, “I Kandinsky.” I felt as if he wanted us to take away from his exhibit that everything in this world has significance and beauty when viewed under the right circumstances. Although some can say that a dog has no true importance in the effects of the ever-changing world, I believe Wegman wanted us to not write off the simple things, instead take them in just like how many can take in the beauty of the world, like in his world project.

Below are the art pieces, “I Kandinsky”, and “Winged Lion No. 66” And a picture of myself with one of the art pieces that was present.

Winged Lion
William Wegman: Artists Including Me4 May – 16 June 2012(null)


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