Week Four: Lecture: Memory

In terms of envisioning and crafting art that deals with history, Maya Lin sought her own way to give the fallen veterans of the Vietnam War some recognition. Yet it was not the classic way that some might have thought, meaning lining the names in alphabetical order, but rather at the time of each of their deaths. Certain critics did not like the method behind the listing, although Lin envisioned it the way that she did. Which this leads to the artistic validity of work that has serious meaning behind it and wondering where the line between giving a piece justice and respect, as apposed giving the artist reign to make their piece as they intended.

With Art Spiegelman and his work, “Maus”, we see that he kept the authenticity and the tone of the Holocaust, yet he made the story of the main characters slightly different with the fact that the characters are mice. Artist can manipulate reality with the example from Spiegelman because he told the story how he wanted it to be told, yet to some it didn’t feel correct or authentic enough, to the point that the manipulation could downplay the severity of the historical significance of an event.


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