Week Three: Lecture: Stories

The first reading over the artist Ralph Arnold was interesting. He attempted to make his art pieces carry some sort of semblance to popular culture and a bit of African-American roots. I enjoyed some of his works that had precise geometrical shapes that told us a story. Not only that but Arnold developed his work to showcase other things, such as cowboys, superheroes, pop stars, fashion models, and more. He cropped out most of their faces to have it up to interpretation. He later taught multiple art classes and served as a judge in the art community.

What I found interesting in the second reading was the process of reality and that some people want to strip reality in drawing to showcase a more cartoon-like picture. It went on about how our identities also play a role in drawing in graphic novels and stories. I enjoyed that we seemed to pay more attention towards cartoons rather than real life drawing or more realistic approaches since I do find that to be true.

Lastly the reading was interesting with the concept of closure for us in society and what it means in the art world. The fact that even if we see most things, we don’t get the whole picture yet we understand that there is a whole picture to it. Similarly the concept that art and real life experiences are somewhat subjective had me reading more and understanding the story in comic books.


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