Week Two: Lecture Response

Art in truth does not really have one definite definition. Because if there was any, the expansion of art making would cease, since most would want to emulate whatever definition says that art is considered to be. Even with traditional definitions, there are some counter-arguments for it. For example, art could be considered as something that has expressive properties. However just because something has an expression, meaning a character from a book, or even a person, they are not immediately considered works of art or art pieces. Even with traditional definitions, many have different ways of interpreting what is meant. Meaning if I think that a car is art because of the vivid color scheme, well others could think that vivid would not entail art, thus their interpretation would be slightly different than mine. Art is always peculiar because many want to analyse and say that it can only be one thing. However in modern times most artists and art still have no true exact definition. Trying to make everyone feel the same thing from one piece of art, is not what makes art art, in the simple fact that that example would make everyone think in a certain way and thus loses some artist appeal of the piece. If I had to give art a definition it would be this, anything that provokes a strong emotion or feeling to a person.

Winged Lion

And this painting is from Mc Esher, and is called “Winged Lion No. 66”, I picked it because if art was to be defined with the simplest terms, meaning the line, tone, color, vibrancy, then this piece would be enough to say that the artist uses his lines to make the viewers look through out the piece instead of them focusing on one part.


One thought on “Week Two: Lecture Response

  1. aguado2

    I like your definition of art as anything that provokes a strong emotion or feeling in a person. Like you said, it isn’t about trying to make everyone feel the same thing. Although an artist may have a specific feeling or idea in mind when creating their piece, there is no way of controlling or predicting how others will react to it. I think that is the beauty of art. So many different, amazing outcomes can result from one single work.



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