Week One: Lecture: Introduction

What stood out for me the most in this week’s reading, “The Incomplete Manifesto”, were the points that went on about leaving this open and not always constricting yourself to every finite detail about certain processes or ideas. What I also enjoyed were the points that told us to be okay with our mistakes and not always stress ourselves out about how we did not do something to our best ability as an artist.I did like the point that we must break down whatever we are working on to truly move on in terms of finishing it, because we cannot fully know about something unless we have dissected them and understand our limits.

Some of my desires for this class is to hone in my craft for art. I want to be able to be considered a competent artist and to better perfect some mediums, for example color pencils, since I enjoy making works from color pencil drawings. One expectation is that hopefully I can understand more about what it means to be an artist and how crucial art is for people to express themselves.

As always, I am interested in learning more about M.C. Escher, since I find his works fascinating. As well I am interested in knowing more about modern artists, since that field is very small for me.


One thought on “Week One: Lecture: Introduction

  1. aguado2

    I know from my own experience that mistakes are not always a bad thing, so I agree that people should try not to get caught up in them. Specifically, with the arts you never know what will come out of that “mistake”. Often when things don’t go as you had planned or envisioned with a piece, it ends up turning out even better than you imagined.



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